Lindsey Rae Gjording is a former reporter and producer of print, radio, and video news with the New York German Press. As a foreign correspondent Lindsey Rae covered the latest trends and developments in both Wall Street and New York City. Through expert and celebrity interviews she has covered Fintech, cryptocurrency, commodities, global business, Puerto Rico, white collar crimes, startup culture and US infrastructure.

Featured in: Deutsche Welle, DW TV, DW Radio, Vontobel, the Swiss Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung, Swiss Radio SRF, and NTV. 

(Despite her expertise in the above Lindsey Rae would not be sad at all if asked to write

Video work 

Shooting documentaries in her spare time, Lindsey Rae is intrigued by situations that show the sociological effects of certain economic realities. Her previous documentary topics: why a group of kids fell into drug dealing in Queens, how does the black market keep the Cuban revolution going, what is it like to date on Tinder as a transgender who identifies as "them"? None of them have made Sundance yet but- I'm still learning.

Photo and Writing background

For years Lindsey Rae shot medium format photography, roaming the earth with thee old faithful Hasselblad 500cm. She documented Burma, Vietnam, Cuba, Central America and much of southeast Asia. Through the lens came much of the material she later used in short stories and screenplays. In Seattle Lindsey Rae worked as freelance arts writer- covering process-driven artwork and art events for Daily Service and the infamous LA art bible Beautiful/Decay.